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You need more than a logo to tell your story

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Your logo is one of the first things that identifies your business. A symbol of your brand that grabs attention, makes you memorable, sets you apart and builds loyalty with your audience.

It is the first piece, or foundation, that your brand identity is built upon. So it may be easy to assume that the logo is the most important piece of your branding, but we like to think of a logo as more of a catalyst to telling the rest of your brand’s story. The start of the rest of the conversation you are going to have with your audience about everything awesome to do with your brand.

Logo Design

What is Brand Identity?

Successful branding builds trust and recognition all while telling a story. A story that aligns with your target audience. To be honest, most of it is the little subtleties that customers don’t even notice or think about. Things like:

Colours, repetition, font choice, tones, mood, feel and consistency.

The magic of effective branding is that while your audience isn’t always noticing the details, they are subconsciously making the connections that build their expectation and recognition of your brand.

Design Brief

"Many clients tell us that the design brief we have with them helps them visualize their own brand in a tangible way they hadn’t before"

How the logo design process helps reveal your brand's story:

If you think of your brand identity as an iceberg, the Logo is the small piece we see above water, and your brand story is the other 90% under the water’s surface. With this in mind we want to leave every Logo Design Client with a clear and authentic brand identity and inspiration on how to implement it across all aspects of their business.

Before we begin designing a logo with a client we start with questions about YOU: Your passions, intentions, personal connection to your work, inspirations, favourite colours, images, goals for the brand, mission statement, etc. Many clients tell us that the design brief we have with them helps them visualize their own brand in a tangible way they hadn’t before.

Once we design and present you with your logo, we also include all of the ideas and meanings behind what we’ve designed (based on what we learned together in our brief) We also provide suggestions of how that can continue into your brand’s identity beyond the logo. Trust with your audience comes through authenticity and authenticity happens when you believe in what you are presenting. As a Logo Design client you receive:

  1. Your Logo in multiple style forms, colours and file formats

  2. Your Brand’s unique colour palate

  3. Mock up Visualizations of how your logo may be best used

  4. Full Branding template including Fonts, Styles & Graphics

  5. Our support at anytime in the future

That’s what make us different. We don’t just design logos, we design identity. ✨


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